Mountain peaks at an altitude of 3,000 meters, spectacular valleys, ancient and fascinating villages, gorgeous views and unique flavors. Come and discover Ripollès county of the Girona Pyrenees and you can enjoy it all!

Beget – the place where time stands still. The county of Ripollès (El Ripollès) is situated in the Girona Pyrenees, in northeast Catalonia. This is a great area to visit, offering diverse landscapes, many trails for hiking and other attractions, whether you are traveling with children, as a couple or on your own. The first stop in Ripollès is Beget, a medieval village from the 12th century, with picturesque and charming alleys, where it seems that time has stood still. In the past, the town had two thousand inhabitants but nowadays just 30 to 40 people dwell in Beget, and many come just for the weekends. Wandering around the beautiful little village is a great way to start your day in Ripollès county. A river flows through the centre of the town, giving the scenery around a pastoral background music. In addition, you can admire the Romanesque church of Sant Cristòfol, and of course the beautiful landscapes around Beget. Stop for a light breakfast at the Can Jeroni restaurant, which offers regional specialties and wonderful traditional food.

More info: Address: C / Bellaire, 17, 17867. Website:

Camprodon Valley – fauna, flora and landscapes of the Pyrenees. From Beget we continue on a 40 minute drive to the Camprodon Valley (Vall de Camprodon), where the lovely small village of Camprodon is nestled. This village offers a variety of options for the tourists visiting it- horseback riding, stimulating hiking trails and of course, a glimpse of the beautiful architectural sites and structures, genuine heritage from the Romanesque period. Once you get to the village and see the bridge on the banks of the river, surrounded by mountains, forests and magnificent views, you will surely fall in love with it immediately. A highly recommended place for lunch is the restaurant Can Jepet in the village of Setcases near Camprodon. This is a wonderful restaurant with elaborated quality dishes where all the chef’s team seek to bring out the quality of the local culinary tradition and products from the fields around. For example, have you ever tried black garlic?

More info: Address: C. Molló, 11 – 17869 Setcases. Website:

Once you are full and satisfied, continue on to the nature and adventure park – Molló Parc, which is located just half an hour away from Setcases. The park is spread over ten acres and presents the fauna and flora of the Pyrenees. Its location between the mountains of the Molló region make the wandering around it into a genuinely peaceful and once in a life-time experience. So what animals await you here? Sheep will welcome you as they gently graze, cute marmots will be playing near the road, maybe a curious fox, three sociable bears as well as otters, wolves, noble deer, an interesting bobcat (that one of the parks staff members revealed to us is the animal she is most afraid of …). A walk along the trails in the park takes about two hours, depending on your pace of course. There is an adventure park right next to the nature park.

More info: Price: Ages 3-13, Entrance: €10. Over the age of 13, Entrance: €14. Address: Carretera de Molló a França Veïnat dels Grells – 17868 Molló. Website:

Ripoll – where it all began …Ripoll is the capital of the county of Ripollès, an historical village. Indeed it was one of the first that grew up in the area. It sits in a valley created by the rivers Ter and Freser, near the French border. The village takes pride in the fact that the first church in Catalonia was built in Ripoll during the 9th century. This is the Romanesque church of Santa Maria de Ripoll, which was an important cultural, religious and economic centre in medieval times. The church gate, which was built during the 12th century, has fascinating sculpted reliefs which depict biblical scenes. To maintain its structure, an exterior glass complex was built around it. Inside the church is impressive, but don’t let its stunningness make you forget to visit the beautiful gardens in the courtyard.

More info: entry fee: children: €2.75, adults: € 5.50. Address: Plaza de l’Abat Oliba s / n 17500 Ripoll. Website:

Nuria Valley – the peak of the Pyrenees. After wandering around the charming village of Ripoll, it is highly recommended to go to visit the village of Ribes de Freser, that is just a fifteen minute drive away. If you arrive by car, you will need to park in the parking lot of the Ribes de Freser train station, for to get to next place, considered one of the most beautiful in the Girona Pyrenees, the Valley of Nuria (Vall de Núria) you will need to take the train, which climbs up to the valley through the beautiful landscape, making it an even more magical place. It is also possible to trek up and down from the valley, if you are in good shape. Nuria is located at the height of 2,000 metres, but the mountain peaks around it reach the height of 3,000 metres.

The possibilities that await you here are numerous. In winter the region is quite a popular ski resort and a very charming hotel also opens here during the season. In the summer you can take a boat trip on the lake, ride horses, enjoy archery, as well as many other entertainment options suited for all the family. Many come to Nuria to go on the various walking routes offered in the area and the opportunity to savor the varied landscapes and delightful surroundings. In Nuria you will feel that you have come into a secluded retreat far away from everything, with beautiful nature to look up to on all sides. Please make sure you check the times of the trains so as not to miss the last train back down to the village of Ribes de Freser.

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If you want to spend the night in the area, you can stay at the Hotel Resguard dels Vents in Ribes de Freser. This luxurious four star spa hotel has spacious rooms, some even with a private hot tub looking over the lovely views from the balcony. If you want to end your trip in a relaxing, tranquil and luxurious place then this is the hotel for you.

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The Route

In the north of the Girona Pyrenees, touching the French border, the Ripollés county is a great place to encounter the magic of the Pyrenees. The spring and autumn seasons are quite a site in this area, covering the landscape with beautiful flowers or hues of autumn. Winter, of course, is a great time to come skiing in this area, which offers top ski resorts along with other mountain and adventure sports. Summer is also a great time to visit this area with the enchanting beaches of the Costa Brava.

How to get there

Bus: Daily bus services from Barcelona and Girona take you to the different villages in the Pyrenees. The bus company is Teisa. To get to Beget by bus you will need to first arrive at Camprodon. It is a two hour ride from Barcelona and the fare is €11.95. Buses leave in the mornings from Camprodon to Beget and the fare is €3.65.

Train: Daily trains leave the Barcelona-Sants train station to Girona. The fast train (AVE) takes fourty minutes and the fare is €16.20. Check the timetable at From Girona you can take a bus to the different villages.

Car: Leave Barcelona via the C-31 following the signs to Girona and take the C-17 to Vic. Continue to the N-260 and the C-38 until you reach the road to Beget. It is a two and a half hour drive and the highway toll is €1.65.

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Where to sleep

The Ripollés region offers a variety of accommodations ranging from hotels in the natural parks to country houses, apartments, camping sites and hostels.

Our recommendation is the Hotel Resguard dels Vents in Ribes de Freser.

Where to eat

Can Jordi Restaurant is in the small village of Espinavall in the Camprodon Valley.
Can Jepet Restaurant in the village of Setcases in the Camprodon Valley.
“Els Caçadors” restaurant in the Hotel Els Caçadors, located in the village of Ribes de Freser.